One of the most important industrial chemicals is ethyl alcohol. It is also known as ethanol, grain alcohol, pure alcohol, and drinking alcohol. Ethyl alcohol a colorless liquid that is soluble in water. It also has a very slight odor and is a bit sweet when diluted. However, when it is concentrated or undiluted, it has an overpowering taste and leaves a burning aftertaste. Grain alcohol is the same type of alcohol that is in drinks like whiskey, brandy or beer. The chemical breakdown or the fermentation of sugars by yeast is what creates pure alcohol. Plants like wheat, barley, or corn can also create alcohol. You mill the grains and then, with the help of yeast, ferment them. At the time of the fermentation, the starch of the grain will become alcohol. This ethanol then needs to be distilled before you can use it.

Have you ever wondered what the uses of ethyl alcohol are? There are many different ways to use ethyl alcohol. The medical field, alcohol beverage manufacturers, and oil extractors all use ethyl alcohol in various forms.

In the medical field, they use it for a disinfectant or sanitizer. Medical wipes and antibacterial hand sanitizer contain alcohol to prevent the spreading of harmful bacteria in hospitals and medical centers. Ethyl alcohol is also used to clean the skin before injection or taking blood. Medical centers use this alcohol for the sterilization of the medical equipment before and after use.

Ethyl alcohol is known as a drinking alcohol; therefore, the production of alcoholic beverages uses this alcohol. It is used at a particular percentage to manufacture such alcohol. Though people cannot drink it in it initial concentration so, it gets diluted to some degree for the industrial production.

Tinctures, essential oils, extracts, and concentrations all use ethyl alcohol. Food grade ethyl alcohol will dissolve impurities that have the capability of contaminating the tinctures and extracts. It also leaves no residue. In the final wash of manufacturing CO2 and BHO extraction, further cleaning is done by ethanol. Whether you are new or an expert artist, alcohol can assist you in creating the highest quality of oils and concentrates.

Medical providers, alcoholic beverage producers, and oil extractors all use ethyl alcohol. You can also use ethanol for daily purposes such as disinfecting your home or making hash oil. To accomplish this, you will need a good supplier to deliver fresh ethyl alcohol. While there are many providers of ethyl alcohol, it is better to choose the best one. We, at Eureka Oxygen, are one of the leading companies who supply ethyl alcohol to you. Our customers say we are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Give us a call or visit us online at

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