Dry Ice is a great cooling agent and an alternative to normal ice. It helps you achieve very cold freezing temperatures without it getting melted like a traditional ice made of water. But, it poses one disadvantage. And, that is it has a very short shelf life. The moment it comes in contact with the environment, it starts to convert into a gas. This process of direct conversion of the solid to gas without going through a liquid phase is called sublimation. The more heat present in the environment, the faster the process is.

Dry ice also sublimates on the application of external heat. Dry ice weighing 5 pounds will take approximately 24 hours to sublimate. However, you can extend the life of dry ice by using some storage techniques. You will get to know about those techniques in this article.

Use a cooler to store it

Storing dry ice in a cooler will slow down the sublimation process. The insulation of the cooler will prevent the external air to come in contact with the ice and hence the air inside the cooler remains at a low temperature for a longer time. Obviously, it will not keep the dry ice in a solid state forever, and eventually the ice will sublimate, but it will take some time. While placing the dry ice in the cooler, remember to use thick rubber or leather gloves.

Cover the ice with newspaper

While carrying the dry ice dry ice, you can cover it with a newspaper to prevent it from coming in touch with the atmosphere. You can also use a towel or a paper bag. It will insulate the dry ice and slow down the melting process. You must also cover the dead spaces inside the cooler with newspapers because any air can promote faster sublimation.

Pick it up close to the destination

Try to reduce the time between pick up and actual use of the dry ice dry ice. If you carry it with you for more time until it is used, the more it will sublimate. The more time it takes, the more it sublimates and the less dry ice you will have to use. Even if you have taken the dry ice to the spot you want, don’t open it until and unless you need it right then.

Buy more than you actually need

If you need a 10 pounds dry ice for two days, buy 15-pounds. It is always better to have more ice than you need because the process of sublimation depends on the temperature difference.



The conclusion of the article can lead you to think that the less a dry ice comes in contact with the environment, the more life it will have. So, can you store it in an airtight container? No. It is very risky, because the gas will build up pressure and the container may explode.

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