Argon and Carbon Dioxide are a match made in welding heaven. Argon is non-flammable and makes the ideal shielding gas for shielded arc welding. For aluminum, it is ideal all by itself, but for steel, carbon dioxide comes to its aid. The gas blend is shared at various ratios depending on the type of welding to be done. In general, the more carbon dioxide, the more heat.

Argon/carbon dioxide blends are versatile mixtures for welding Carbon, Low-Alloy and some Stainless Steels. The greater the CO2 content, the greater the weld penetration. At higher current levels and CO2 content, increased spatter may occur. Argon/carbon dioxide blends can be used on all kinds of structural steel, farm implements, and machinery. Blends with lower levels of CO2 can be used for pulsed arc or spray arc welding, while higher levels (over 20%) can be used for short arc welding and in the shielding of some flux-cored wires.

All ratios listed below are Argon/CO2.

  • 95/5 – This blend is used for pulsed spray transfer and short-circuiting transfer. It may also be used for GMAW-P on Low Alloy Steels particularly for out-of-position welding. It offers a more controllable puddle than an argon-oxygen blend.
  • 90/10 – This blend is similar to 95/5 in its properties, but creates greater heat input for wider, more fluid puddles, for either short-circuit or spray transfer.
  • 85/15 – This blend is ideal for use on Carbon and Low Alloy Steel, this blend can reduce the melt-through tendency of higher CO2 blends, and it can increase deposition rates and travel speeds. It can also be used for spray transfer.
  • 80/20 –This blend is acceptable for either spray transfer or short-circuiting on Carbon Steel.
  • 75/25 – If you want to short-circuit Mild Steel, this is the blend for you. It is commonly used for GMAW with a short-circuiting transfer on Low Carbon Steel and was formulated to provide optimum droplet frequency using .035 and .045 diameter wire. This is the blend you want when operating in high current applications on a heavy base metal. It promotes good arc stability, puddle control, and bead appearance.

Argon-Carbon Dioxide blends are the go-to workhorse of blended gases for non-stainless steel of varying composition and thickness. For further specifics, contact the pros at Eureka Oxygen for expert guidance.

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