Now that the weather is getting colder, many people wonder where they should store propane cylinders for the winter. Some even think it’s a stupid question, but safety is our number one priority and it’s never a stupid question! Storing your propane tanks properly for the winter will help ensure you don’t need to buy a new one come springtime.

Storing a BBQ grill

If you have a propane tank attached to a BBQ grill, it’s important to prepare it for storage for the winter. If you intend to put the grill away, be sure to store it in a shed or outbuilding and not in an attached garage. Turn the gas valve off, detach the connector hose from the grill, and store it upright along with the grill. In a more mild climate, you can safely store the grill and detached propane tank outside undercover. Just be sure the propane tank is upright on the BBQ shelf and not on the ground.

If you must store your grill in a space attached to a house, disconnect the propane tank and store it separately outside. A small leak can lead to a big explosion!

Storing tanks

If you have spare propane cylinders, you can store them easily on a shelf in a shed with the valve covered to protect it from dust. If you need to store tanks outside, place them on a shelf and not on the ground. Wet grass and mud can cause pitting that would damage the tanks. Cover the valve with a dust cover, stand it upright to prevent moisture from building up, and cover it with a tarp. Properly stored, propane tanks can withstand temperatures down to -50 degrees F.

Monitoring propane tanks

Before a winter storm hits, everyone in the family should know how to turn off the valve to any propane tanks at your home. Mark the location of your tank so it can be easily found after a deep snowfall. We recommend that you call for delivery service when your tank is at 30% to ensure you don’t run out. A cold snap can delay deliveries if everyone waits until they are too low.

Eureka Oxygen has four locations to serve you, and we deliver cylinder gases like propane and butane from the Golden Gate Bridge to Gold Beach, Oregon. Whether you have a small task or a big project, our professional staff are happy to discuss your options!

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