Ethanol is a clear, colorless industrial chemical that is highly flammable and readily absorbed by the gut. It is known to have bactericidal properties which is why it is used as a topical disinfectant. Ethanol is considered a drug due to its depressive nature. FDA has characterized ethanol as generally safe, but if its level in the blood reaches 0.4% or more, it can be fatal.

It is used in a variety of ways, especially in the pharmaceutical industry as a solvent and preservative. It is also consumed in making scents, flavors, and alcoholic beverages.

What are the uses and benefits of ethanol?

Ethanol is one of the widely used organic chemicals that industries all over the globe prefer. It is mainly utilized as an intermediate in the manufacture of other substances. It is used to make drugs, lacquer, polishes, cosmetics, etc. Its use in multiple industries makes it high in demand all year round.

Personal Care Products

When it comes to cosmetic products, ethanol is a common element. It can be found in various products including lotions, fragrances, aftershave. It is used as an astringent to prepare and disinfect the skin surface and helps prevent the content in lotions from separating, therefore, preserves it. It is a known bactericidal; hence it is a core ingredient in many hand sanitizers. This makes it a vital entity considering the current situation of COVID-19, where practicing hand hygiene is imperative. If the ethanol percentage in skin products is limited to 5% or less, it is not deemed as harmful because it evaporates entirely.

Personal Care Products

To sum it up, ethanol is an essential component of many products in the cosmetic industry owing to:

  • Its bactericidal nature
  • Its ability to liquefy fat
  • Its anti-inflammatory characteristics
  • Its preservative nature
  • Its solvent nature to acquire insoluble materials from plants

Household Products

Ethanol is considered as miscible due to its capacity to intermix with certain organic compounds and therefore validates its use in paints, varnishes and cleaning items.
And apart from its soluble nature, its characteristic as a preservative aids in household products because it kills any harmful microorganisms that could be present.

Household Products

Food Additives

Ethanol can bring out rich food flavors alongside distributing the colors in it. A typical household item, vanilla extract, is manufactured by refining vanilla beans in ethanol solution.


It is no surprise that the majority of gasoline in the US is made from ethanol. This is primarily because of the oxygenation effect it provides, which then lowers air contamination. Efficient fuel is known to have a more significant amount of octane, which is present naturally in ethanol as compared to gasoline. This then improves workability and maintains engine function. The French government introduced E85 which includes 85% of ethanol and 15% of petrol as a form of biofuel.


What are the protocols of ethanol safety?

To ensure that ethanol is non-ingestible, a bitter flavor known as denaturant is added to it.
Protective equipment is imperative while handling ethanol.

This includes:

  • Boots
  • Rubber gloves
  • Aprons
  • Face shield
  • Face masks
  • Safety goggles
  • Functional respirator
What are the protocols of ethanol safety?

If any person gets exposed to ethanol, its urgent management is necessary. This depends on the sort of exposure that occurred:

  • In case of inhalation: immediately relocate to a well-aerated area and call medical support for assistance.
  • Skin absorption: wash the affected area with warm water and soap, in a gentle manner. If the irritation persists, contact medical service immediately.
  • Eye contact: urgently flush your eyes for at least 15 minutes while rinsing and get in touch with a medical professional.
  • Ingestion: put the person in a supine position and keep his temperature under control. Do not try to induce vomiting as it will exacerbate the symptoms. Call medical help urgently.

Final Thoughts

With all the benefits and uses of ethanol explained above, it is evident that it is indeed a treasurable entity which is in great demand. Finding the right supplier is essential and Eureka Oxygen is a leading supplier of ethanol and other industrial gases that might be of use to you. We ensure quality and client satisfaction at all costs. Feel free to give us a call or visit us online at

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