Welding is undoubtedly the most crucial of components when it comes to structural integrity. If you gaze around, you will see that every significant fixture is conjoined through a process of heating, assembling, and cooling, most commonly known as welding. And as necessary as this procedure seems, it is not only complicated but also risky, which is why it requires skilled welders to do the task. 

This brings us to address the importance of the quality of welded structures as, ultimately, the entire framework depends on it. Eureka Oxygen Company is the leading provider of premium welding supplies, including welding gases, and various other welding equipment. 

The question here is: Why is structural weld quality important and what does the quality of the weld depend on?

The quality of the weld is directly proportional to the: 

  • Design of the weld 
  • Magnitude of stresses and strain built up during heating 
  • Layout of the welded joint 
  • Base metal quality 
  • Work preparation 
  • Fitting 

How do you determine the quality of the weld?

As a standard, if the strength of the weld joints is equivalent to the base metal strength, it is termed as an acceptable weld. An Inspection Program of the weld determines its quality whether it is up to the mark or not, especially for the purpose it is intended. 


How do you determine the quality of the weld?

The Penetration in a weld joint is the distance between the top of base material that has been tempered through welding and the original base material surface. This is imperative for the strength and quality of the welding to be efficient. The shape of the base material and the required strength is essential in this regard.  

The relationship between the efficient of the joint, the joint strength, and the base material strength is accurately described as follows: 

         Joint Efficiency = Weld Joint Strength / Base Material Strength

A particular type of joint, such as a steel butt joint increases the weld metal strength. In this case, the heat-stricken area is greater than the base metal strength. And so when the load is applied perpendicularly to this joint, it can result in base material fractures instead of the joint. This is mainly because the ductile nature and strength of this joint are equal or greater than the base material strength. Hence, the joint efficiency is roughly 100% or greater. 

Alternatively, suppose high-tensile steel or aluminum is employed. In that case, the welding of these alloys causes the melting of the area that was heat-affected during the welding process. If the strength of the weld metal is lesser than that to the base metal, the joint would resultantly fracture. Hence, in this scenario, the joint efficiency would be 70-80% lower.

Importance of Weld Quality

A standard of measurement and a qualified professional is imperative to assess the nature of the weld. And because the whole structure depends on the weld quality, insurance companies most often consider the following as a crucial requirement:

Importance of Weld Quality
  • Welding method employed 
  • Type of electrode used 
  • Design of weld
  • Type of equipment used 
  • Parent metal 
  • The temperature used during welding 
  • Edge preparation 
  • The testing method used during the process 
  • Safety protocols 

When it comes to quality assurance, the following protocols need to be kept in mind:

  • Weld appearance is satisfactory
  • Structure imparts the necessary strength and functionality. 
  • The structure is completed according to the dimensions of the design that was selected. 

There a particular set of guidelines that, if followed, guarantee a high-quality product: 

  • No cracks or holes in the bead – which is an elevation in the joint surface.
  • The bead should have a uniform width, height, and waves.
  • Welding needs to provide the required strength. 
  • The final product should be in harmony with the dimensions, without any distortion. 
  • Full penetration and partial penetration welds should be yielded wherever needed to ensure rigidity. 

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that a good quality weld is imperative for a structure to stay sound and stable. Eureka Oxygen provides a wide variety of welding equipment, as well as supplies and cylinder gases, from the most reputable, state of the art brands in the welding industry. We have everything you need to get the job done so give us a visit today!

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