When it comes to welding supplies and industrial equipment, buying the best quality product is of utmost importance as it determines your service outcome. Eureka Oxygen is reputed as being one of the leading suppliers of industrial and welding equipment. We have a widespread network of locations to serve you, including Lakeport, Ukiah, Petaluma, and Eureka. We are happy to partner with top-notch brands in the industry, including premier welding names like Bosch. 

Let us break down some of our top choices when it comes to Bosch’s catalog of welding supplies.

Bosch Welding Supplies 

1/4 In. Solid Carbide Double Flute Acrylic Router Bit

The Bosch Router Bit is acclaimed for its particular material choice, carefully computed cutting geometry, extensive life, and sharp cutting edges. 

  • It can cut through one or multiple acrylic layers. 
  • It has a microgain bit. 
  • It comprises solid carbide for defiance against wear. 
  • The bit geometry creates an enhanced finish, lessens heat accumulation, and avoids welding in cut areas. 

14 pc. Laminate/Wood/Metal T-Shank Jigsaw Blade Set

This blade set is a versatile 14 piece series of swift and precise cutting blades to solve wood and metal problems. 

  • The T128BHM carbide laminate edge has a two-dimensional geometry, which ensures precise cuts on either surface, and this is perfect for high-strength laminate.
  • The Blades are two-metal, with substantial carbon-steel. 
  • The sharp edge is determined by the steel teeth it provides. 
  • T-shank design accommodates both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
  • Hefty Storage Case – reliable storage and transport with additional space available. 
  • It serves more than one purpose – it has everything from thin metal blades T118A, Medium Metal Blades T118B, Scroll Blades T119BO, Wood Blades T101B, Speed for Wood Blades T144D, and Fast Cut Metal Blades.

Ten pc. Laminate/Wood/Metal T-Shank Jigsaw Blade Set

The Bosch 10 piece blade set comprises versatile components that are quick, effortless, and handy in solving wood and metal tasks.

  • It has various types of blades – created for cutting Laminate/Wood/Metal, which is all versatile in their performance. 
  • The Prime T128BHM blade – is robust compared to the conventional two-metal blades due to its carbide automation.
  • Bi-directional tooth geometry on the T128BHM – ensures precise cuts on either surface because of its two-dimensional geometry. 
  • It has ample storage and provides additional space too.
  • It serves more than one purpose – it has everything from thin metal blades T118A, Medium Metal Blades T118B, Scroll Blades T119BO, Wood Blades T101B, Speed for Wood Blades T144D, and T128BHM carbide edge. 
  • It has a T-shank design that gives maximum support and grip. 
  • The teeth are durable in its form and impart an enduring cutting edge.

 11 pc. Laminate/Wood/Metal T-Shank Jigsaw Blade Set

The Bosch 11 piece set is a selection of down-cut and fast-cut blades that serve various purposes in wood and steelwork. 

  • It ensures excellent results because of its multi-purpose blades. 
  • The prime T128BHM edge is adaptable in more than one way, which extends its life. 
  • The T128BHM makes precise cuts on either surface because of its bi-directional tooth arrangement. 
  • It provides additional storage alongside the potent storage case. 
  • It has a T-shank design, which is well-suited for more than 90% of the models.

2-1/8 In. Starlock® Oscillating Multi-Tool 2-in-1 Dual-Tec Bi-Metal Plunge Blade

The Bosch Starlock® is a multi-purpose blade that caters to wooden nails, PVC, and drywall. 

  • It is adaptable with various tools from Bosch®, Fein®, Makita®, Milwaukee®, etc. 
  • It has an ingenious design with a robust cutting edge with an extended life compared to the standard format. 
  • It has a 2-in-1 technology in terms of both plunge and segmented blades.
  • They also have slots for reducing vibration, which then enhances accuracy.
  • One of its leading features includes the circular weld, side-set, and two-metal teeth that ensure precision, longevity, and endurance to solve complex applications. 
  • It has a unique interface that provides color-coding and a laser-etched blade to enable rapid recognition. 
  • To make sure that it can transfer a greater torque, it has a three-dimensional layout for increased efficiency. 
  • These are high-grade Swiss blades that are specially engineered to suit your individual needs. 

4 In. StarlockMax® Oscillating Multi-Tool Bi-Metal Segment Saw Blade

The Bosch StarlockMax® provides grade-A efficiency in performing various tasks, including drywall and PVC.


  • It has a broad, plunge blade layout that gives enhanced speed for PVC projects, drywall, ceramic tiles, etc.
  • The curved technology blades make a curved cut on the edges for more grip and accuracy.
  • The two-metal teeth bring forth a resilient and enduring design as compared to the conventional carbon steel blades.
  • It has a circular weld, side-set teeth that make precise cuts and contribute to its longevity. 
  • This is a good design that does not stick to just one purpose. 
  • It has slots for reduced vibration that makes it more efficient. 
  • The StarlockMax® is a sharp blade that can handle tedious tasks, including those requiring power. 
  • The unique laser-etched edge and color-coding enable it to stand out. 
  • These are swiss-made blades that cater to all your individual needs.

Final Thoughts 

As mentioned above, Bosch is a world-leading brand in technology and supplies, and Eureka Oxygen brings you these quality-grade products to cater to all sorts of projects. We ensure excellence and client satisfaction at all costs. Feel free to give us a call or visit us online at www.eurekaoxygencompany.com.


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