In the current era of modern infrastructure, tools and welding equipment are an integral part of performing any task, be it by hand or by machines. Different functions require a variety of tools that are designed accordingly. As a leading supplier of welding safety equipment, supplies, and industrial gases, Eureka Oxygen Company is proud to partner with premium quality vendors, with trusted names and reputations in the industry. One such brand is Channellock. Channellock is one of the oldest companies in the US and provides 75 different high-quality pliers, all providing specific functions to assist with tasks that include welding. Channellock dates back to 1886 and is currently located in Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA.

There are four categories of pliers depending upon the shapes. Each category has its own sets of pliers: tongue and groove, linemen’s, cutting, and long nose. Channellock pliers are used in various jobs that include plumbing, electric, agriculture, metal fabrication, etc. Welding pliers are one of the specialties of Channellock. With a wide variety of precision pliers to fit any task, big or small, let us review some of their featured welding products, along with their functions:

  • 360 9-Inch Welder’s Pliers: Designed with cutting technology that requires less force to be exerted to cut. The design makes it easy to grip the wire and provide superior spatter removal. It has the ability to hammer. These are used for the installation and removal of bushings and nozzles.
  • 360CB 9-Inch Code Blue Welder’s Pliers: Designed with high carbon steel for resilient performance, and it prevents the formation of rust. 
  • 608TS 8-Inch Straight Tinner Snip: Designed to make straight and wide curves in any direction.
  • 360CB 9-Inch Code Blue Welder’s Pliers: Designed with high carbon steel for resilient performance, and it prevents the formation of rust. 
  • 608TS 8-Inch Straight Tinner Snip: Designed to make straight and wide curves in any direction.
  • 612TD 12-Inch Duckbill Tinner Snip: Designed to make straight, wide, and tight curves in any direction. 100% made in the USA and forged from molybdenum alloy steel.
  • 610AS 10-Inch Straight Aviation Snip: Dual-handed gripping power, resulting in cleaner curved and straight cuts with minimum effort. 100% made in the USA with blades forged from molybdenum alloy steel for durability and strength. The combination of precision-machined serrations on cutting blades, 8:1 compound leverage, and high tensile steel handle greatly optimize cutting performance with less effort. 
  • 610SS 10-Inch Utility Aviation Snip: Used to make quick and easy cuts through thin materials. Easily cuts through 24ga cold rolled steel, vinyl, plastic, and rubber.
  • 318I 8-Inch XLT™ Combination Long Nose Pliers W/ 1000V Insulated Grip: Designed with insulated grip, makes it suitable for tough jobs.
  • Tool Roll-6LC 6PC Little Champ® Tool Set with Tool Roll: includes 4″ HL Diag Cutting pliers, 4″ HL End Cutting Pliers, 5″ HL Long Nose Pliers w/cutter, 6″ Snipe Nose Pliers, 4.5″ Slip Joint Pliers, 4.5″ Tongue & Groove all packaged in a Premium tool roll for convenient storage.
    • Pliers are forged from high carbon steel that is specially coated for ultimate rust prevention. 
    • Xtreme Leverage Technology (XLT™) requires considerably less force to cut and grab
Welder's Pliers
Aviation Snip
Little Champ® Tool Set with Tool Roll

Channelock began its journey over a century ago in 1886 when Mr. George B. DeArment made handmade tools in a small factory in Evansburg, PA. He would sell these tools from his wagon, and it turned into a flourishing small business called Champion Bolt and Clipper Company. In 1933, the company got its current name ‘Channellock’ after the chief engineer Howard Manning introduced a tongue and groove, slip-joint style pliers. These pliers were widely popular as the name Channellock. The company was granted its trademark protection in 1935 and is successfully run by the fifth generation of the DeArment family. It employs more than 350 associates. The company widely exports its products to customers in over 45 countries.

Eureka Oxygen Company has always partnered with premium brands and Channellock never compromises on the quality of their products. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service to all of our customers and satisfying all their welding requirements, which has been the secret to our success. If you have a small or large welding project, stop by today and let our experts at Eureka Oxygen Company equip you with the right tools and safety gear for all of your welding needs!

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