Starrett is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of precision measurement tools including micrometers, calipers, rules, electronic gauges, dial indicators, ground flat stock and more. They also specialize in numerous hand tools like saw blades, drills, tape measures, utility knives, layout tools, to mention but a few. Starrett also offers diverse state-of-art metrology equipment including optical comparators, video measurement and inspection systems, multi-sensor measuring systems and a number of material testing systems. This company manufactures custom engineered products for many clients across the world.

Starrett was founded in the late 19th century by Laroy S Starrett. Today, they offer over 5,000 varieties of precision tools and measuring instruments that are in widespread use by industrial, professional and consumer users globally. Starrett’s story is one that is grounded on a rags to riches tagline and consistent courage against overwhelming odds. Laroy S. Starrett’s guiding principle was to invent tools which could be useful, appealing and indispensable to people. For over 140 years, Starrett has been able to set and raise the bar when it came to producing precision tools. It is hardly surprising that they went on to ultimately earn the epithet “World’s Greatest Toolmaker.” However, this is indeed a far cry from their humble beginnings.

Laroy S. Starrett’s very first invention was a meat chopping machine that he named “the Harsher.” With the modest commercial success of this product, Starrett set his eyes on churning out other useful tools. He was able to patent nearly 100 inventions including a line of bench vices and a shoe hook fastener. The last of which achieved universal adoption nationally. The first product introduced after the establishment of the company was a new and highly improved square that was also a commercial success. Soon after, Starrett branched out and started offering steel tapes, calipers, dividers, micrometers and many other products that established its reputation both at home and internationally. Today, this homegrown company continues to lead the pack in terms of innovation, quality, and foresight.

Let us now take a closer look at some of the most celebrated products Starrett has introduced into the global market.

Precision measurement tools 

Starrett, has since its founding introduced a wide variety of precision measuring tools that have indeed earned it the title of the ‘World’s Greatest Toolmaker.” This includes micrometers, slide calipers, height gages, depth gages, hardness and roughness testers, squares, precision rules, straight edges and parallels, protractors, angle measurements and more. 

Data collection systems


One of Starrett’s greatest achievements in recent years is the unveiling of the DataSure 4.0 Wireless Data Collection technology. This is a cutting edge high-tech innovation that is designed to collect, record and transmit real-time data of measurements wirelessly. DataSure 4.0 is highly renowned for cutting down the steps in taking diverse precise measurements, saving time and completely doing away with the common errors in the entire data collection process. 

DataSure 4.0 delivers unprecedented operational range, unmatched scalability, reinforced data security, lightning-quick data processing speed, multiple gateways and a compact design. It functions on the very latest wireless networking technology that leverages short-wave radio frequencies to connect mobile devices, PCs and other wireless devices. This, in turn, delivers fast speeds in taking precision measurements, a greater bandwidth and even longer range for optimal data throughput. Starrett also offers other newer technologies for wire-based data collection most prominently the SmartCable for single tools.




Starrett’s innovative PTA and Hand saw blades are intentionally designed to greatly improve both performance and blade life which makes them stand apart from the rest of the pack. This has been achieved through improved tooth geometry, quality edge materials and material processing technology.

Some of the most notable of these hand tools include hole saws, arbors, pilot drills like the Ulti-Mate Rapid Release Arbor System and the Kwik Change Arbor System. Starrett also has an impressive line of hand hacksaw blades including the patented Safe-Flex and Grey-Flex brands, high-carbon steel hacksaw frames, PVC compass saw blades, power hacksaw blades, reciprocating saw blades to name but a few.

Metrology equipment 

Metrology equipment


As with its other products, Starrett’s video and multi-sensor measurement systems incorporate cutting edge precision mechanics and leverage state-of-art intuitive software technology. These devices are ideal for utilization in QC laboratories, research, engineering and even industrial settings.

Some of the most prominent of these devices include vision systems, optical systems and laser measurement systems. The latter of which have been designed and engineered for use on the factory floor in applications like quality monitoring, process control and inspection.

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