Camping with a sizable stock of dry ice is indeed much better than without it. This is simply because this product comes complete with a number of unique properties, which normal water ice is hard-pressed to offer. For those who might be in the dark, dry ice is the frozen form of the gas carbon dioxide. When it comes to camping, dry ice can prove to be very valuable particularly if you are thinking of doing so this summer. First of all, dry ice, unlike regular ice, doesn’t pass through a liquid state as it gets warmer. Instead, it transforms into a gaseous state thanks to a process known as sublimation. This means it can be an excellent longer-term solution than regular ice for cooling and preserving food and beverages while out camping. Also, since it does not have a liquid form, dry ice never creates a watery mess as regular ice would once it melts. At the same time, this product is much colder than water ice. Dry ice’s average temperature stands at -109oF/-78.5OC. While regular ice’s average temperature stands at 32oF/0OC. So this means dry ice can be a much more effective solution in keeping your camping cooler colder for longer. Well, let us now take a closer look at some of the many fun ways dry ice can be used in a camping expedition.

Use dry ice to preserve your fishing catch for longer

Fishing is one of the most rewarding and fun activities you could engage in while out camping. This is especially the case when you think of all the juicy and tasty fish you could come away with from your fishing. However, when you can’t consume all the fish you have caught within a few hours, there is a high chance it will go bad. Here is where dry ice comes into play. With dry ice, you may freeze your fish fast and afterward keep it frozen until the time you return home.

 preserve your fishing catch

Keep your camping tent cooler with dry ice 

Again camping can be a great activity. Yet, excessive heat can quickly spoil all the fun. Fortunately, you can avoid this issue in an ingenious way with some dry ice hacks. For instance, you could put some dry ice in a bowl and then position it in front of your camping fan. As air is blown over the bowl, it will suck up the sublimating gas and ultimately blow a chill airstream towards you.

Use dry ice for mosquito protection

Mosquitos are known to be great camping spoilers, and with good reason too. These pesky vermin are drawn to humans because of the carbon dioxide we exhale and just like us, they also enjoy having a feast. Fortunately, with some dry ice, you can get rid of mosquitos when you are out camping in a hassle-free manner. Just put some chunks of dry ice in a cloth bag and then hang it close to where you are sitting or lying. As the dry ice sublimates, it will transform into carbon dioxide which will draw the pesky mosquitos away from you.

Keep your foodstuff frozen for longer with dry ice

As it was earlier noted, dry ice is an excellent preserver of perishable food. To make your food last for longer while out camping, make sure you pick a suitably sized cooler. You won’t want to leave excess air in it, which will fast-track the sublimation of the dry ice into a gaseous state. Then, cover your food with it and fill all the empty space in the cooler with more dry ice. Lastly, should your cooler be airtight, make sure you open it every now and then to release the pent-up pressure and prevent your cooler from bursting.

Keep your ice cream frozen for longer 

Ice cream can be a rare treat while out there in the wild. However, it won’t work if you utilize regular ice to keep it frozen. As it was previously mentioned, dry ice is much colder than water ice. So it can be just what you need to keep your ice cream container frozen for longer periods of time.

Make a fizzy fruit drink with dry ice 

You can also use dry ice to make a refreshing and sparkling beverage while out camping. To do this, just put some berries in a small container and then add a small amount of dry ice to it. Let the berries get frozen and then put them in a glass full of fruit juice with some tiny bits of dry ice. Yet, make sure you don’t swallow the dry ice.

Freshen up your camping tent with dry ice 

You can freshen up your stuffy and smelly tent with dry ice in a markedly convenient and stress-free way. To do this, make a solution of essential oils and water, put it in a bowl, and position it at the center of your tent. Then, drop some dry ice into the mixture. This will create an aromatic fog which will permeate your tent and get rid of any unpleasant odor.

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