Whether you are an experienced welder or just starting to scratch the surface, making an informed choice when purchasing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can seem confusing. Selecting the correct hand protection, for example, can make all the difference when it comes to welding speed, ability and safety.

 With countless options available for welding gloves alone, how can you be sure you are making an informed purchase? Trust the experts at Eureka Oxygen who offer a wide array of OSHA-approved PPE, including Black Stallion® gloves, a consistent lead in the market.

 With over 43 years of manufacturing experience to their credit, the folks at Black Stallion® believe: “Value is more than just a low price. Real value is a unique combination of quality, price, and service.”

 In addition to value, there are a few more important characteristics to consider before making your purchase:

Heat Protection

Heat Protection
Welding can produce extreme temperatures and creates sparks and molten splatter, making it necessary to protect the hands, wrists and forearms. Most welding gloves can withstand limited contact with metals at 2000°F and sustained periods of up to 932°F.

Additional layers of heat reflective materials may be added to increase the glove’s heat resistance and improve comfort like CushionCore®, an innovative feature unique to Black Stallion® gloves


Welding is incredibly demanding when it comes to dexterity, often requiring the welder to operate at precise angles. A lack of dexterity and poor grip can reduce the quality of work and lead to injury.

Black Stallion® gloves’ Seamless Index Finger® design (found on select welding, mechanic’s, and driver’s gloves) places the seam of the index finger farther away from the working area. With the finger smooth and clear, these gloves offer unobstructed dexterity.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for replacing gloves

Abrasion Resistance
Though leather is an extremely tough material, welders work with various metals that can be sharp or abrasive. While other gloves may provide side padding, only Black Stallion® gloves come with the DragPatch® – a padded reinforcement that provides extra abrasion resistance and insulation while the hand is resting on or sliding across a welding surface. *DragPatch® and other exclusive features are available on select Black Stallion® welding gloves.

Abrasion Resistance

Additional Protection
In addition to superior quality and durability, Black Stallion® gloves offer additional specialty protection features, like cut protection, impact protection, and arc-flash protection. Black Stallion® protective gear meets standards across a range of applications such as NFPA 2112 for flash fire, NFPA 70E for arc flash, ANSI cut resistance, and high-visibility guidelines

Various types of leather provide distinct advantages and disadvantages. Thicker materials provide more protection but reduce dexterity.

Black Stallion® offers a wide range of materials, including natural leathers like cowhide, deerskin, elk skin, goatskin, kidskin and pigskin as well as synthetic alternatives. With all these options, you are certain to find the perfect balance of protection and flexibility.


Different types of welding produce different amounts of heat and pose unique risks and hazards. The right gloves for the job will depend largely on the type of welding.

TIG welding gloves are typically made of goat, cow, or pig hides. They are designed to provide finger sensitivity with adequate protection.

MIG welding gloves are meant to provide maximum protection with some dexterity. These gloves are typically made of pig, cow, or deer hides.

Stick welding gloves are the most robust type of welding glove, being made of cow or elk hides.

With nearly five decades dedicated to providing the highest quality, service and value, Eureka Oxygen takes pride in being a trusted retailer of Black Stallion® products. For additional information about which Black Stallion® gloves are the best choice for you, visit our website today. Our expert associates will be more than happy to answer any questions. 

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