Cylinder gases come with specific safety guidelines governing their safe transport, storage, and use. It is important to be educated about how to safely utilize cylinder gases for cost-effective extraction. Fortunately, cylinder gases are quite safe when handled properly and used with properly maintained regulators and equipment.

Respect the container
Compressed gas cylinders are heavy and awkward, made of thick metal, and filled with gases sometimes compressed to well over 2000 (psi).
Keep cylinders upright at all times, and, since higher temperatures will increase the pressure in some gases, out of the direct sun.

Protect the valve

When no regulator is attached to the cylinder valve, the valve protection cap must always be in place on the cylinder. The valve itself is the weak point and it is damaged relatively easily. A damaged valve can cause a gas leak that could cause an explosion, lead to suffocation, or create a dangerous projectile. It is imperative to keep the caps on, and hand-tighten them.

Transport safely

Whether you need to move gas cylinders’ feet or miles, the safety guidelines are the same. Always move cylinders with a secure hand truck or secured in a cylinder rack on a vehicle. Skipping the hand truck and rolling them instead can dislodge the valve and create a missile or explosion in your work area.

Ensure adequate ventilation whenever you transport cylinders in an enclosed vehicle. A cylinder with a damaged valve can quickly fill enclosed spaces with poisonous, suffocating, or flammable gases. Also, make sure to unload cylinders as soon as you reach your destination.

Store thoughtfully

Keep empty cylinders stored in a well-ventilated area that is far from heat sources or open flames and separate them from full cylinders to reduce fire risk. Always store cylinders in secure areas, secured by chains above the cylinder midpoints. Also, make sure to store containers on a shelf versus cold concrete, wet grass, or dirt.

The safety pros at Eureka Oxygen would be happy to guide you in implementing safe transport and storage solutions that fit your needs. Contact us for a variety of cannabis extraction and welding gases along with top-notch customer service!
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