Not all welding jobs can be practically completed in a shop and delivered to their destination after completion. Some welding jobs require on-site completion, even when that site is far from available power and gas sources. The essential solution for remote operations is a truck to get you and all of your welding equipment to the site, wherever it may be. Due to the combined weight of all the equipment and supplies that need to be delivered to the site and need to stay on the truck as permanent resources for remote welding, a heavy-duty truck will be needed. Ideally, a 1-ton minimum, with a flatbed to provide storage space for all that inventory, is the prime prerequisite. The essentials within that inventory are (a) a generator/welder, (b) gas cylinders, (c) stick and wire storage that will prevent contamination of those resources by humidity or dust, (d) a remote control panel that allows the operator to set up and modify their operation without getting onto or into the truck, and (e) an efficient storage solution for all of these contents. New factors come to the forefront when selecting equipment for remote site use. Suddenly runtime for generators and welders, and the hours per gallon at idle for the generators, become primary concerns. Your industrial welding supply vendor should be able to help you identify the criteria you should consider when purchasing equipment for your remote operation rig. As your welding supply vendor in Northern California, Eureka Oxygen definitely can help you select the equipment that you need. Allow them to help keep you up and running out in the woods, up in the mountains, or up on the Lost Coast – or anywhere else accessible by wheeled vehicle.
Having a self-contained, self-reliant remote welding truck set up and ready to go anywhere is not just emergency preparedness, either. It is opportunity preparedness. Many jobs that can be done by hauling large and/or heavy pieces into the shop for repair or re-fabrication could more easily done onsite if the equipment were available to do so. If you already need and/or have a heavy-duty truck for hauling those pieces into the shop and back to the customer, why not just stock that truck – or one like it – with all the equipment you will need to do your welding onsite?
self-reliant remote welding

Then the only limitation is the customer’s willingness and ability to pay what you need to make the deal reciprocally beneficial. 

The distinct advantages of a truck-mounted remote welding setup are several:

  1. There is no separate, preparatory step of hauling the piece to be welded to another location (your shop, normally).
  2. There is no need to employ anyone for 24/7 service needs, except, perhaps, an after-hours answering service.
  3. There is similarly no need to add to your utilities bill for your shop’s lights, heating/cooling, and equipment power when you can use the customer’s location for those needs
  4. The ability and willingness to be available 24/7/365 for emergency welding needs, creates a bond with the customer unlike any other. When cracks or breaks make crucial equipment inoperable in terms of safety and/or operability/efficiency, the rapid return to operability is as good as a miracle for the momentarily sidelined contractor or vendor. The customer’s gratitude for an operation-saving restorative intervention by you, their welder, will be long-lasting, creating a solid, enduring business relationship.

Eureka Oxygen has many options in their showroom and inventory, to help set you up with exactly what you require. Whether you call or come in to talk in person, Eureka Oxygen’s knowledgeable staff can get you up and running with your own remote welding mobile rig setup.

You will be ready to save the world, one crucial emergency welding job at a time.

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